More than three million people live in south London, from a very wide range of backgrounds. At ARC South London, we aim to ensure that our work is designed around people's unique and diverse experiences and needs.

We aim to involve patients, service users and the public in all our research. We do this by working with individuals who live, work, and use health and social care services in south London, as well as local community groups, charities and networks. 

    Through discussions with researchers I’ve also inspired ideas – a conversation can trigger something in their mind that can develop into a new research idea or a new way of doing things

    Alan Quarterman, PPI representative, at the launch of ARC South London (above)

    Structures for supporting involvement at ARC South London

    We will use a range of strategies, methods and models to engage, involve and empower diverse south Londoners in our research and other activities. This includes:

    • Drawing on the advice and guidance of an ARC Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Strategic Oversight Group made up of diverse patients, services users and members of the public 
    • Setting up of a research advisory panel made up of diverse patients, public, service users and carers to drive involvement in all ARC research
    • Ensuring that our research teams have a member who is dedicated to championing patients and public involvement (PPI) activities
    • Monitoring and evaluating the ARC’s PPI activities each year
    • Offering training opportunities and professional development for researchers on how to work effectively with patients, service users, carers and the public
    • Regular events and workshops bringing together ARC researchers and members of the public, including events dedicated to involvement 
    • Regular communication with local service users, carers and communities and PPI leads in NHS and social care organisations.

    Our work around PPI is building on the approach taken at NIHR CLAHRC South London, an organisation which preceded the ARC. You can read more about this PPI work, undertaken between 2014-2019 here